Store Keeper

Superior: Captain regarding Ships safety management system and procedures,
Department Head: Hotel Manager


  • 2 years in a similar position on another cruise ship or in a Hotel/Restaurant.


  • In charge of a clean, organized and hygienic store according to USPH and HACCP standards.
  • Following the STAR CLIPPERS Hotel concept as well as the rules from the manual.
  • Taking care in controlling and maintaining all food, beverage and non-food articles related to the hotel department.
  • Reducing costs and maintaining quality standards.
  • Monitoring the loading, delivery and cost of all food and beverage items on the vessel.

Task and responsibilities

  • Ordering in coordination with the Executive chef, Head waiter, Head barman and the Hotel manager all needed articles via the head office in Monaco.
  • Organizing small local orders in coordination with his superior to avoid shortcuts on important items.
  • Controlling of all delivered items according to the invoice.
  • Checking the quality of the delivered products in cooperation with the respective department heads.
  • In charge of the rotation of the products in the store. First in – first out (FIFO). Informing the department head ahead of time about expired articles.
  • Delivery of products to the departments regarding the requisition form and the delivery time set from the stores.
  • Daily control of the minimum and maximum stock, preparing the monthly inventories, maintaining statistic reports and controlling the food cost by means of delivered products to the departments.
  • In charge of the professional use, cleaning and maintenance of the machinery and utensils in the whole store area.
  • Control of the reception of products regarding quality, quantity and the correct storage.
    • Coordination of ordering with the Hotel manager and the Executive chef.
    • Organizing of FIFA (first in, first out) in the cooler and deep freezers.
    • Organization and controlling of proper requisitions for the whole hotel department.
  • Competent training, judgement and support of colleagues.
  • Adapt the rules of USPH and HACCP in the whole working area.
  • Informing his superior of all unregular activities in the Hotel Department.
  • Cooperation with other departments.
  • Integration in the Team and assistance and performance in special activities.