Cabin Steward

Superior: Captain regarding Ships safety management system and procedures.
Department Head: Head Steward / Hotel Manager


2 years in a similar position on another cruise ship or in a Hotel/Restaurant.


  • In charge of cleaning, production, presentation of the station in housekeeping department and all assigned cabins.
  • Responsible for keeping the House keeping Department, all public areas and Laundry always clean and in order.
  • Enforce, in cooperation with the colleagues and the assistance of the Head steward, the STAR CLIPPERS Hotel concept as well as the rules from the manual.

Task and responsibilitie

  • Keep the cabins, corridors and lockers of his station always clean, tidy, organized and in good condition and maintenance.
  • Clean cabins thoroughly and report all found articles on disembarkation day to the Pursers office. Personal use of the lost and found items will lead to immediate dismissal
  • Inform the Head steward and the Hotel manager regarding all necessary repairs or maintenance work.
  • Maintain order and cleanliness in all public areas, Crew areas, Gangways and report all found articles to the Purser’s office.
  • Use the proper chemicals in the right place for cleaning and always seek advice from the Head steward as to the most appropriate action to take.
  • Will participate in crew safety drills and training as required and will follow the rules and regulations on board as specified by the company.
  • Participate in provision loading and luggage handling as necessary.
  • Participate in provision loading and luggage handling as necessary.
  • Take care of the passenger’s laundry. Identify fine items that might be damaged by automatic washing and seek advice from the Head steward.
  • On embarkation day show and familiarize passengers with their respective cabins and guide them during the emergency situations and muster stations drill.
  • Private tipping is not allowed. All tips received privately from the passengers are to be pooled together in the tipping box by the purser’s office. Failure to do so is considered stealing from fellow colleagues and will lead to immediate dismissal.
  • Adapt the rules of USPH and HACCP in the whole working area.
  • Inform his/her superior of all irregular activities in the House-keeping Department.
  • Cooperation with other departments.
  • Personal appearance shall always be simple, impeccable, tidy and well groomed, no display of provocative jewelry, tattoos or other inappropriate accoutrements.
  • Integration in the Team and assistance and performance of special activities.

It is an obligation for a Cabin steward to be present and act as host/hostess on Embarkation days or whenever in public areas.

For a detailed job- and guideline description please refer to the Star Clippers Hotel Procedure Manual

Meet Muslim, Head Cabin Steward at Star Clippers, and hear about his tasks and his team on the ships.

The cabins are our Star Clippers guests’ private retreat. Everything has to be simply picture-perfect!