Sport Attendant/Head of Sport

Superior: Captain regarding Ships safety management system and procedures
Department Head: Cruise Director and Hotel Manager


Zodiac driving license, Water sports skills. Fluent English, preferable German and/or French.


  • Familiarise himself with all equipment relevant to the performance of his duties.
  • Safety and emergency procedures.
  • Administration of water sports program for passengers.
  • Follow instructions from the Chief Engineer concerning how to use and maintain motorised equipment.
  • Comply with Cruise Director’s requests for daily activities, entertainment and morning gym, (dis)embarkation, day duties and general guest service.
  • Assisting in the Sloop Shop and Pursers Office as requested by the Hotel Manager.
  • Demonstrations in snorkelling, sailing, wind surfing, water skiing, marine life, exercise, aerobics.
  • Sport Team work as directed by the Cruise Director for evening and other activities.
  • Cleaning, maintaining , proper storage, inventories and regular inspections of all water sports equipment and their working areas.
  • Driving the zodiacs in accordance with manufacturer manual and as directed by the Chief Engineer and / or Chief Officer.
  • Reporting to the Cruise Director any concerns regarding on-board activities equipment.

Meet Louise of the Sport Team and find out what makes her life on the ships so amazing.

The best time of my life! I love water sports and being on the beach. I love dealing with the guests and I like to entertain in the shows offered on board.