Meet Kirby, Musician and Entertainer at Star Clippers, and learn about his Life on our Ships.

I love the ambience on board, the ship, the sails and the interaction with the passengers. I would never work on the big ships and I am happy to work with Star Clippers!

Meet Carlos, Cruise Director, and learn about his Experience on Board.

The perfect atmosphere and the limited number of passengers makes it a pleasure to assist in any situation.

Meet Iman, Breakfast Cook, and hear about his Career on Board of our Ships.

I started my career as an utility in the hotel department. I completed my training and today I’m a certified cook and responsible for preparing the full breakfast.

Meet Peter, Hotel Manager, giving an overview of his responsibilities on board.

 I love this direct contact with my team, the flat hierarchy. This allows me to make a lot of difference.

Meet Calvin, member of the Bar Team, explaining why he loves working on the Star Clipper Ships.

I am a bar keeper and love my job with all my heart and soul. Especially I love the contact with the guests. I can’t imagine a better place to work.

Meet Marina, Purser at Star Clippers, giving an insight into her work on the ships.

I love being at the front line with our passengers – and I love my job! The ships are a home for me! They are like private yachts, and the crew is an extension of my family!

Meet Muslim, Head Cabin Steward at Star Clippers, and hear about his tasks and his team on the ships.

The cabins are our Star Clippers guests’ private retreat. Everything has to be simply picture-perfect!

Meet Louise of the Sport Team and find out what makes her life on the ships so amazing.

The best time of my life! I love water sports and being on the beach. I love dealing with the guests and I like to entertain in the shows offered on board.

Meet Iwan, Waiter on the Star Clippers ships, and see how his positive mindset makes our guests so happy.

In my country, Indonesia, a smile always comes from the heart. Our passengers feel this very clearly!